Natural Disasters in E-city

Dissaters happen and cities should be prepared to manage them in appropriate way. Lets see what can be done in E-city:

· Protection against earthquakes. Students will have a map including three different soil types. Land has different prices so the student will choose the land, type of building and floors. Choosing the correct soil type will not be enough to build strong buildings because they will have to use the budget effectively and select the construction type, number of floors correctly, give housing to more people as possible and increase the general population. As students will also create hospitals, schools, industries, commercial areas etc., his/her decisions on economy will affect the budget. And with more budget, he/she will be able to create more protection for the city. Students will learn main types of soils, building structures and will have consciousness about earthquake protection and effective use of budget.

· Flood prevention. The scenario starts with a city occupying half of the available terrain, mostly near a river or sea. The other half of the terrain is mountainous and hard to build on. The player is informed of the high probability of periodic floods. The player is asked to further develop the city population/conditions, up to a preset value. He/She then has to decide on the best strategy to create new housing regions, keeping flood prevention in mind. The game searches some learning objectives: understanding the impact of periodic floods in a city, planning a housing relocation strategy to minimize damages in the occurrence of a flood while managing budget constraints, etc.