Utilities Provision in E-City

In any city we can found many engineering developments related to the provision of utilities: energy, water, etc. In E-city we also have taken into account some of these problems:

· Power distribution. All the city elements must be correctly powered in an effective way. The simulation engine has different power plants and distribution plants with different prices, involving high, medium and low voltages. Players must ensure that there will be no breaks of distribution through redundant connections. There is also the possibility of changing the energy requirements in terms of hours and events. (For instance commercial and industrial areas will require more energy during the working days). The problem can include pollution caused by the power stations.

· ISP: Internet Service Provider. The game is introduced as an initial contact with the basics of the design of networks and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). It provides a view of how a computer communication network in general works. Students are required to deploy the network using some available elements trying to provide a certain quality of service while maintaining a low cost. Within the complexity of the infrastructure of ISPs, the game includes certain abstractions so a simple game scenario can be proposed.

· Wind and solar farms. Students will be provided with a city scenario with a few thousand inhabitants. Current power production centrals must be replaced in five years by wind farms so that pollution is brought down to acceptable levels. Students must choose the best location for the wind farms that ensures the most cost-effective solution. A tight budget implies that the best solution must be chosen in the given time otherwise the player will not have enough money to install new power stations. The budget limitation implies that only one wind farm can be created per year..